Shelti Slapshot Bubble Hockey Table


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When it comes to arcade quality hockey in your home game room, Shelti’s Slapshot Bubble Hockey Table has everything but the hot dogs and mustard. This meaty, man-size table recreates the full stadium experience right there in your game room or office!

Hockey is a game for hard-hitters with lightning fast reactions, and USA makers, Shelti, have built this table to deliver the ultimate physical experience. Each six-man team is controlled by super-strong, smooth running rods with a classic arcade-chrome finish. For accurate control and shooting, each man is connected through an arcade-standard clutch and 2:1 ratio gearbox. A half-turn twist generates a blazing, 360 degree hit on the puck. This table is hot!

For the full stadium experience the guys at Shelti have built in a set of familiar game sounds. It’s all there at the touch of a button - vendors, a pipe organ, and a victory fanfare for each glorious goal. You can even send out a boo from the crowd if your opponent nets a lucky shot.

Scoring is fully automatic - just set up your game from the ‘timed play’, ‘race to score’ or ‘unlimited’ gaming options, then it’s heads down and play to win. With a side-mounted electronic display keeping score you’re free to focus on lighting the lamp.

Get loud and rowdy at the Dome! Order your Shelti Slapshot Bubble Hockey Table from NJ Gamerooms. We aim to deliver the best game products and customer service available to buyers in the USA.


  • Competition quality dome hockey table
  • Size: 52” long, 36” wide, 51.75” high
  • Cabinet apron height 4.5”
  • Dome height 13.25”
  • Weight 230 lbs
  • Brushed Aluminum apron surface
  • Split molded base with levellers (ideal for smaller spaces)
  • Automatic, push button, motorized catapult puck injector
  • Concealed ramps return pucks to centre-ice after goal
  • Full playfield support for flat, ice-effect play
  • Side mounted LCD scoreboard with infra-red goal detection
  • Scoreboard unit generates ‘goal scored’ sounds
  • Sound effect push buttons for each player
  • Dual audio outputs to base mounted speaker & scoring unit
  • Chromed, 0.12” wall, tubular steel rods
  • Black polymer rod handles
  • Long-lasting, reduced friction, Nylon rod bushings
  • Gearbox clutch system ‘gives’ under man-to-man force
  • 2:1 Gear ratio – a half turn of rod delivers 360 rotation of man
  • Steel rod supports in feet of men
  • One year comprehensive warranty
  • Made in Michigan, USA

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