Shelti Pro Foos II Deluxe Foosball Table


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It’s not just a glossy, furniture quality finish that’s been added to this ‘deluxe’ version of the popular Pro Foos II foosball table. For even higher levels of performance and durability, Shelti have given the deluxe model an all-round equipment upgrade. As a competition standard table for your home, game room or office the Pro Foos II Deluxe is pretty hard to beat.

The first thing you notice is the stylish Mahogany laminate on the cabinet. All of the fussy screws and fasteners have disappeared, leaving a really good looking, professional finish. Behind that stunning, chip resistant exterior, the cabinet walls have also been upgraded. They’re now a solid 1.5 inch thick, with chunky, high performance rod bushings to match. For better playability, Shelti have also moved the ball returns to the more convenient side position.

To take this table up to competition-capablility, it’s fitted with Shelti’s high-performance QPQ treated stainless steel rods. These high specification rods are designed for smooth, fast play at every level, along with a reliable, precision fit for the men.

With a Pro II Deluxe installed in your game room you’ll soon be amazing family and friends with your spectacular ball control, passing and bank shot skills. Whatever your level of play, you’ll find yourself asking for ‘just one more game’ on this full-featured, deluxe foosball table.

Order your Shelti Pro Foos II Deluxe Foosball Table now from NJ Gamerooms. We’re committed to delivering the best game products along with the highest levels of customer service available to buyers in the USA.


  • Competition quality foosball table
  • Size: 55.25” long, 30” wide, 36” high
  • Split cabinet with full bottom
  • Cabinet apron height 17.5”
  • Cabinet apron finished in ‘Figured Mahogany’ laminate (custom option available)
  • Cabinet wall thickness 1.5”
  • Weight 235 lbs
  • Solid-core polymer legs, 3.5” x 5.5”, with levellers
  • Ball server hole with ball recess
  • Injection molded, grit abraded Urathane balls
  • ‘Stay-in-play’ field trim
  • Full perimeter playfield support for rigid, responsive play
  • Rattle board for goal sound
  • Side ball return
  • Thick 0.12” wall, QPQ treated, stainless steel rods (chrome finish option available)
  • Long-lasting 1.5” Nylon-6 rod bushings
  • Premium grade, 1.5” thick fibreboard on bushing walls
  • Octagonal hardwood rod handles
  • Double-wound spirol pins to lock men and handles to rods
  • High strength, automotive grade ABS men
  • Unique, ‘lock-on-men’ compression bumpers
  • Counterbalanced men, can be parked at any angle
  • 3 Man goalie for full-field play
  • One year limited warranty
  • Made in Michigan, USA

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