Shelti Breakout Bubble Hockey Table


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If you’re looking for a high-performance bubble hockey table without the fancy features, Shelti’s economical ‘Breakout’ model could be the one for you. For mechanics and player control, the Breakout Bubble Hockey Table matches the specifications of the top-end models.

So how much puck do you get for your bucks? This table has the same chromed, super-strength control rods as the high-end models. The rods run in the same, silky-smooth nylon bushings. The hot-shot, arcade-standard 2:1 ratio gearbox and clutch is right there, ready to roll. A half-turn twist on the control rod generates a full-power, 360 degree, moon-shot hit on the puck.

Forget about keeping tabs on the score with a pencil and paper. The Breakout model has Shelti’s fully automatic, infra-red scoring unit mounted on the side of the table. Just choose your game from ‘timed play’, ‘race to score’ or ‘unlimited’ gaming options.

This is a tough, hardwearing model that’s absolutely perfect for your home or game room. It’s great for a family get together, where everyone can enjoy the fun of this furiously fast game.

Order your Shelti Breakout Bubble Hockey Table from NJ Gamerooms. We aim to deliver the best game products and customer service available to buyers in the USA.


  • Economic, high-performance dome hockey table
  • Size: 52” long, 36” wide, 42.5” high
  • Cabinet apron height 10.25”
  • Dome height 5.75”
  • Solid wood legs 3.25” x 4” with levellers
  • Weight 230 lbs
  • Blue Melamine apron surface
  • Playfield supports across full surface
  • Side mounted LCD scoreboard with infra-red goal detection
  • Scoreboard unit generates ‘goal scored’ sounds
  • Chrome-plated, 0.12” wall, tubular steel rods
  • Black polymer rod handles
  • Long-lasting, reduced friction, Nylon rod bushings
  • Gearbox clutch system ‘gives’ under man-to-man force
  • 2:1 Gear ratio – a half turn of rod delivers 360 rotation of man
  • Steel rod supports in feet of men
  • Attractive, hard-wearing playfield graphics
  • One year comprehensive warranty
  • Made in Michigan, USA

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